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___Call me!________________________________Vlčice/Wildschütz

Call me Vlčice/Wildschütz

The 18th century chateau park in Vlčice/Wildschütz near Javorník/Jauernig in the Czech Republic, left fallow since the end of the Second World War, is now planned to be restored to become an attractive public domain. The festival series "Im Zentrum" started here and invited German and Czech artists to bring this largely overgrown area back to life.

Lucia Dellefant (Munich/DE), in collaboration with local students, the geo-botanist Jan Albert Šturma (Liberec/CZ) and the artist group REZ (CZ), designed the hiking map "Our Park", leadimg to hidden places and treasures. Sound artist Kalle Laar (Krailling/DE), in cooperation with local students, installed the telephone line "Calling Vlčice/Wildschütz", which acoustically transmits sounds and noises from the park.

Part of ⇒ "Im Zentrum - Jeseníky/Altvater Festival for Art, Literature and Music - A German-Czech Initiative of Art and Culture"