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___Call me!________________________________Hotline

Are you afraid of the post-fossile age??

Share your concerns by speaking personally to a representative of the industries at play! Call me! The Hotline Series.
Whether the business cards stay in your wallet or end up on your desk - in any case they remind you about an opportunity to become active.

Hotline Series #1, first presented at the climate conference and festival "Klimaherbst Munich" 2009, in cooperaation with artcircolo.

Callme Hotline nr. 1 - AKW Isar - closed down March 2011

Information Centre, Atomic Power Plant Isar 1, Ohu, Bavaria, Germany

Callme Hotline nr. 2 - Navajo Coal Power Station

Public Contact, Navajo Coal Power Station, Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Callme Hotline nr. 3 - Umweltministerium Berlin

Public Releations Department, Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Berlin, Germany

Callme Hotline nr. 4 - OPEC

Head of the Information Department of the OPEC, Vienna, Austria

Callme Hotline nr. 5 - Frontex

Frontex Information and Transparency Unit, European Union Border Security Agency, Warszawa, Poland

Callme Hotline nr. 6 - Gezeitenkraftwerk Annapolis

Interpretive Centre, Tidal Generating Station Annapolis, Canada