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___Call me!________________________________Weapons

Call me! Heckler & Koch

first shown at: STAND BY ME. Zeitgenössische Positionen im Dialog mit dem Radierzyklus (Contemporary positions in dialogue with the cycle of etchings) Los Proverbios von Francisco de Goya, Galerie der Künstler, München 2017

Call me! Heckler & Koch

Carl Walther GmbH "Sport- und Behördenwaffen" (Sports and Law Enforcement Weapons), 
first shown at the exhibition "Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Ulm (Death is a Master from Ulm)" as part of the Weeks for Peace, Ulm Germany 2021

Ulm is city of arms production and military: deadly weapons and their accessories are produced, prepared for export or supplied to the army and the police. Logistics of the German Bundeswehr and NATO are planned here, many institutions are operated by the Bundeswehr or are part of the supply chain.