Interactive Soundart Projects

___Call me!________________________________Hier ist das Klima!

Here*s the climate! Call me!

The dependence on fossil resources, increased by the global demographic development and the "belief" in infinitely growing markets, is still growing. For a future worth living a paradigm shift is overdue. There are already many encouraging, successful examples worldwide of a sustainable approach to nature and its resources. Examples that result in a reinterpretation of what "growth" could be meaning.

It is no longer enough to redefine old thinking, specially not top down. After years of debates on political and social levels, it has become clear that taking responsibility for one's own actions is one key to setting the course ahead - both on local and international levels. The business cards with publicly accessible telephone numbers of ministries, power plants, corporations, authorities and the like offer a opportunity for a direct personal conversation with representatives of powerful actors.

Whether the cards stay in your wallet or end up on your desk, they are a reminder and an opportunity to take action.

An art project by Kalle Laar. Organized by pilotraum01 e.V. in cooperation with Global Challenges Network e.V./ Frauke Liesenborghs. Curator: Dr. Serafine Lindemann - artcircolo, funded by the Department for Health and Environment, LH Munich

Wiederaufarbeitungsanlage (reprocessing plant) Karlsruhe

Rückbau- und Entsorgungs-GmbH
76339 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Gazprom Germania GmbH

Markgrafenstraße 23, D-10117 Berlin


Frontex - European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union
Plac Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland

Deutscher Bauernverband / German Farmers Association

Der DBV in Berlin
Haus der Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft
Claire-Waldoff-Straße 7, 10117 Berlin

Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH

Vogelsanger Weg 91, D-40470 Düsseldorf

Nestlé Deutschland AG

Lyoner Straße 23, D-60528 Frankfurt / Main

Wilmar Edible Oils GmbH

Palm oil imprter / Food company
Nordstraße 40, 26919 Brake (Unterweser)

German Meat GmbH

"German Meat" is the joint export promotion organization of the German meat industry. 
Adenauerallee 118, 53113 Bonn

Cole Power Plant Datteln

Leiterin Kommunikation - Neubauprojekt Kraftwerk Datteln
Im Löringhof 10 45711 Datteln

Transmission SysteOperators for Electricity Suedlink TenneT TSO GmbH

Bernecker Straße 70, 95448 Bayreuth