_Calling the Glacier________________________Visitenka_______________________ _Pasterze station drowned

In the beginning of May, the glacier was covered by about three meters of snow, temporarily silencing our station out there.
Extrem weather conditions, like a strong influence from the sahara region, later in May caused the snow to melt faster then ever.
Usually the water inside the snow rises only a few centimeters, now it rose more then a meter, a phenomenon never observed before in this region. All the electronics were flooded and rendered unusable and we are not sure yet when it can be fixed.

snow level in April
appr. 300 cm

water level, inside the snow above the ice, sometime in May
appr. 150 cm

expected water level
appr. 10 - 20 cm

the microphone disappears in the mill that is now filled with water.

Note that the mill next to it is stiil dry

compare to installation picture above taken in october 2007

Fotos taken on the 23. of June 2008, courtesy of Mr. Gernot Weiss, ZAMG Vienna

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