Calling the Glacier ____________________________________________ An interactive art project by soundartist Kalle Laar

Vernagtferner, Oetztal Valley, Austria

The microphone you can call is placed at the gauging station run by the Commission for Glaciology of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The system is weather resistant, and the signal is transmitted by a mobile phone modem. The closest cellular phone network antenna is not within eyesight, cannot be reached directly and is across the border on the italian side. Although we have to take advantage of reflections, the transmission is nevertheless quite reliable.

1. Expedition: 12. – 14. March 2007

Vernagtferner - Measuring the hight of the snow
Discharge of Vernagt stream at the gauging station - Gauging station, discharge measurement (partly iced over)

2. Expedition & technichal installation: 30. April – 2. May 2007

Discharge of Vernagt stream in spring - Measurments outside the gauging station
Inside the gauging station

3. Expedition - overtures 3, 10. - 12. Juei 2007

overtures-expedition arriving from the Venice Biennial, Curators, Artists, Scientists and Journalists

Venice Biennial
Informations about the Vernagtferner